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Filmmaking Article Library

Listed below you will find all of the articles in our archive. We seek to publish filmmaking articles that are both practical and relevant, mainly related to producing, directing, editing and writing. Although you will find theoretical, academic and purely technical articles, our focus is not in any of these areas. We are interested in publishing anything that will prove useful to the filmmaker seeking to realize their creative vision. Our goal is to help filmmakers translate their creative vision into moving pictures and sound on the screen. The articles contained herein are what we judge to be useful gems of knowledge and we hope this archive serves you well.
Articles by Category
Cinematography (12)
Directing (14)
Editing and Post Production (9)
Festivals (9)
Film (11)
Finance (60)
Producing (60)
Production Design (1)
Screenwriting (25)
Sound (31)
Working in the Industry (21)
Most Popular (Last 30 days)
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  2. Five Phases of Filmmaking
  3. Deal Memos
  4. Lavalier Microphones
  5. Breaking into Film
  6. Finding a Producer
  7. Role of the Producer
  8. Screenplay Formatting
  9. Shotgun Microphones
  10. The Camera Diagram
  11. Editing the Narrative Short
  12. Working with Actors
  13. The Directors Plan
  14. White Balance
  15. The Role of the Screenwriter
  16. SMPTE timecode
  17. Sound Recording
  18. The Importance of Three Act Storytelling
  19. Premise and Treatment
  20. The Final Mix
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